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  • The purpose of a government is to make it easy for people to do good  and difficult to do evil. 

-William Gladstone

Research, Analysis and Advocacy

  •  Research and Analysis of the functioning of democratic and constitutional institutions in India towards formulating and promoting political and governance reforms. This includes the scientific study and analysis of electoral, administrative, judicial reforms and related best practices and systems from across the world.
  • Study, formulation and promotion of state/public policy alternatives in critical areas, compatible with the FDR’s reform goals independently or in collaboration with like-minded research institutions, individuals and civil society organizations; and promoting the capacity building of individuals, institutions and organizations in these areas.

Citizenship Training and Capacity Building

  • FDR regularly imparts training to public-spirited citizens on various topics of democratic principles and processes, genuine empowerment of  local governments, instruments of transparency and accountability, judicial and police reforms, youth: opportunities for growth, education and employment, etc.
  • The training programmes are aimed at enhancing of citizen’s understanding of governance reforms, normative and practical aspects of active citizenship and concepts of citizen-centered governance, strengthening their leadership and communication skills for advocating citizen-centered governance.

Media Advocacy

  • FDR regularly provides inputs on governance-related subjects to the print and electronic media in order to improve public understanding on various issues.There is participation in panel discussions, interviews and debate programmes on varied topics such as governance reforms, Electoral and Political reforms to form and shape the public opinion.
  • Hundreds of articles on governance reforms and public policy issues have been published across mainstream newspapers and are being published as books.

Internship/Fellowship Programme 

  • FDR hosts interns and research volunteers from several reputed academic and research institutions and organizations and also collaborates with domain experts from such organizations from across the world. Our Research Alumni has joined the ranks of Civil Services or prominent roles at the leading domestic and international institutions.
  • Between 2011-14, FDR has hosted nearly 100 students from reputed institutions and has collaborated with domain experts in pursuing its advocacy programmes.