Apply Now For FDR's Explo Education
Apply Now For FDR's Explo Education

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a knowledge community on governance and public policy issues in India, better equipped as change-agents and leaders to solve today’s challenges in the country and build a strong democratic, decentralized and developed nation.

Our Programs

OPEN UP to the New Horizons!

A series of community travel programs designed by the FDR to research best practices in various areas of concern including Education, Healthcare, Local Governments, Agriculture and more. These programs offer an opportunity for participants to reflect upon real solutions to challenging problems in these areas, and ultimately react by acting towards change.

ExploEducation :

Do you see development of meaningful education system as the real remedy for building a better India? Then, this course is for you... Embark on a 10-day exhilarating tour for a stimulating experience of discovering elements of good education, understanding the present challenges, and discussing real solutions, innovations and best practices of India’s school education system, taking an evidence based approach and using experiential learning methods.

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