Surajyam - Need of the Hour by Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Surajyam - Good Governance for all by D.V.V.S.Varma Lokayukta Bill 2012 (English) Lokayukta Bill 2012 (Telugu)

Surajyam Roundtable Report (2012-09-28) (PDF 4 MB)

Surajyam Roundtable Report (2012-09-28) (PPT 33 MB)

Surajyam Prathigna (pdf)

Surajyam Prathigna (jpg)

Surajyam Presentation

Surajyam Magazine - Edition 5

Surajyam Magazine - Edition 4

Surajyam Magazine - Edition 3

Surajyam Magazine - Edition 2

Surajyam Magazine - Edition 1


Extract of Dr.JP's Presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee

FDR / Lok Satta's Response to Standing Committee's Recommendations for Lokpal Bill, 2011

Note on Lokpal and Lower Bureaucracy

Note on Lokpal Conduct of Legislators in the House

Note on Lokpal Judiciary (June 2011)

Note on Lokpal - Prime Minister (June 2011)

Lok Satta's Petition on GM Crops in Supreme Court

Note on Agricultural Crisis In India - with special reference to paddy in AP

Paddy Prices in AP and Karnataka

Electoral & Political Party Reforms In India

Income & Expenditure account for the year ended 2010 March 31st

FDR's Activity Report for 2008-09

Agenda For Administrative Reforms

Anti Corruption Startegies

Citizens Initiatives In Elections

Civil Society And Governance

Constitutional Review Overview Of Key Reforms

Corruption And Citizens

Democracy Populism Free Lunches

Draft For Proposed Amendments To AP Panchayat Raj

EGovernance From Virutal To Real

Elections Representational Legitimacy

Election Watch Manual

Electoral Reforms Goals

Electoral Reforms

Electricity Sector

Empowerment Of Local Governments

Energy Sector Reforms Governance

Ensuring A Healthy Future NCMP

Ensuring A Healthy Future

Ethics A New Class Of Offences

Federalism Coalition Govt

Federalism Local Govt

First World People Third World Politics

GHMCHand Book

Governance Development

Governance Growth

Governance Reforms Dev Civil Society

Governance Reforms Vital Steps

India Crisis Opportunity

Indian Constitutional Political System

Indian Constitution Experience Concerns

Indian Media Great Power Responsibility

Indian Police System_Summary

In Pursuit Of Democratic Reforms2003

Judicial Reform Need Of The Hour

Liberty And State

Local Courts Whose Time Has Come

Lok Pal And PM

Making Democracy Work For The Poor

National Seminar On Electoral Reforms

New Political Culture


Note On Representation Of People

Offence Of Scandalasing

Overview Of Key Reform Sectors

Parliamentary Reforms

Policing In India

Political Parties Indian Democracy

Political Party Funding

Political Reforms Economic Prosperity

Popular Sovereign Vs Responsible Government

Prevention Of Corruption

Reforming Higher Education In India

Right To Information Bill

Sthanika Nyayalaya Bill

Suggested Agenda For Admin Reforms

Tackling Corruption

Voter Registration System

Womens Representation In Legislatures

Womens Reservation Bill

Access To Justice (Project Report - 1)

Access To Justice (Project Report - 2)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Project Report)

Court System In India (Project Report)

Electoral System And Features (Project Report)

Higher Education In India (Project Report)

Indian Police System (Project Report)

ITGovernance (Project Report)

Mixed Member Representation (Project Report)

Recent Trends In World Democracies (Project Report)

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