Access To Speedy Justice Local Courts 2003-04-26

Access To Speedy Justice Local Courts 2003-11-14 Hyderabad

Agenda For Action

Agenda For Action 2009-02-05

Citizen Charters Mexico 2004-Nov

Citizen Charters Tools For Accountability 2004-11-10

Citizens Role In Improving Service Delivery 2004-03-08 Kathmandu

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Deepening Democracy Agenda For Reform 2004-07-15 To 17, Delhi

Delhi Election Watch 2003-07-16

Elections And Democracy In India For Common Wealth Conference, Delhi, 2005-02-24

Electoral Reforms Agenda For Action 2005-05-06

Electoral Reforms Leslie Sawhny Endowment 2005-12-10 Mumbai

Electoral Reforms Presentation To Cabinet Secretariat 2004-12-7

Empowering Local Governments 30-31 July 2004, Pune By Sanjay

Empowering Local Governments - Presentation Made To Tulasi Reddy 2003-01-22

Ensuring A Healthy Future - Planning Commission 21st Dec Delhi

Governance Reforms Development And Civil Society-IRMA-Anand 2004-12-15

Higher Education Issues-ASCI-2006-May

Indian Political Dynamics For Civil Servants From Capetown Delhi 2006-01-25

Indian Political Dynamics - Global Leadership Program For Boeing - Delhi-2003-09-23

Instruments Of Accountability DFID-2002-04-23 New-Delhi

Judicial Reforms 2005-06-25

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Political Reforms 2008-09-11 MCR-Hyderabad

Political Reforms - The Other Side Of Economic Reforms 2004-03-08 Kathmandu

Politician A Villain Or Victim 15-16Sept2005

Politician A Villain Or Victim A Plea For Electoral Reforms 2004-12-08

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